Different Types Of Software Testing

Do you need quality assurance software? If you never do that task, someone who you can find by visiting https://www.qulix.com/services/quality-assurance/ can help you. Quality assurance software is a systematic process to check whether software that has been developed according to predetermined needs. QA tester or by a QA engineer can carry this process. QA tester has the main task of carrying out testing of the device or emulator, making the testing flow, and making a report on the test results. The QA Engineer makes automated testing programs, creates test reports, provides input on the applications being tested, and communicates with interested parties like product managers. There are two types of software testing as follows:

1. Manual Testing

This test is usually done to check the flow of applications, check defects (design or programming). It is also done when the professional should test on different operating systems. When professional checks migration from previous application versions, he also use manual testing.

2. Automatic Testing

This test consists of regression testing, automatic testing done at night, automatic reporting (via email or collaboration tools such as slack), automated build, and automated publishing. For automated testing, it can be done on various systems. Your professional may use Continuous Integration (CI) Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, and others. If an error occurs in the test, it is usually because there are problems on the backend side, on the continuous integration side or improvements to the application. The criteria of an automated testing framework design are:

· Easy to use
· Can / be easily maintained
· Scalable
· Browser or device support
· There are metrics and reporting
· Support for the desired test
· Can be run locally or remotely (remotely)
· Parallel execution
· Support the features that will be tested
· Supports different environments
· Tool support
· Limitation of language/tool

The QA tester and QA engineer must be open-minded. When QA learn new things, he can produce quality software products.

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