How You Can Enjoy A cup Of Black Coffee

Before the coffee industry penetrated the Third Wave Era, coffee connoisseurs gave themselves to the pleasures of simple brewed black coffee. From time to time, black coffee has become a hereditary drink that is closely embedded in our culture. Now, you have the many ways to enjoy fresh roasted coffee, right website?

Even so, there are still many of us who can’t afford black coffee without sugar, milk and cream. Even though it is known that black coffee is the most healthy, natural, classic and simple coffee. Black coffee is the coffee of the purists. The original and original pleasures become the full power of being loved by the tongue. This article is dedicated to those who are still afraid or have never enjoyed black coffee. Because basically black coffee does not only have to be pitch black and extraordinary bitter. Black coffee means coffee without ‘contaminated’ other substances in one gulp. For those of you who want to try enjoying black coffee, here are four simple ways to start enjoying this delicious “black”.

Try Light to Medium Roast Beans

If you have drunk black coffee and are immediately traumatized by the taste, maybe you need to try coffee that is light to medium roasted. The taste of coffee that is too bitter and the color is too black is caused by roasted coffee beans from the coffee too dark to cause the taste really bitter.

Don’t Drink Coffee Too Hot

Coffee gives a better taste to enjoy when the temperature drops. If you enjoy coffee when the temperature is still too high (hot), then the taste obtained will not be as expected. You should wait 3-4 minutes after the coffee is brewed or served and then enjoyed slowly. The best temperature in enjoying coffee according to professional coffee is 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, black coffee should not be brewed with water which is over 88 degrees Celsius. Because the hotter the water used, the more bitter it feels because caffeine dissolves faster through high temperatures.

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