Make Your Jealousy Into the Following

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One thing that makes life interesting is the dream. Everyone certainly has their own dreams. Unfortunately, some people have their own way to reach their dreams. Maybe, some of them can reach their dreams a little longer than others. At this time, jealousy always exists. However, to control those feelings, there are a number of things you should know.

1. Make the inferiority as motivation
Maintain envy in your heart and make it motivational. How hard you struggle, or how often you fail to achieve that goal, remember the jealousy and make a strong motivation in your soul.

2. Envy reminds you that you have the spirit to be better
Every time that jealousy attacks you, to whoever it is, you must reflect on this. That is, the jealousy that you have indicates that you have a desire to change. In fact, you have the determination to be better than that person. Think of it as a positive thing and round up your intentions to be able to do and get more from that person.

3. Find out what he did to be in his current position
Having envy, we become determined to be like that person. Manage jealousy so that we can find out the struggles that he did and the efforts that he mustered to be as they are now. There is nothing wrong with asking directly to him to learn how to succeed directly with people.