Heart Attack Physical Symptoms That Can Be Detected Early

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The phenomenon of heart attacks is increasingly common. The wrong lifestyle causes young people to also have a heart attack. Symptoms of heart disease can actually be seen from the beginning so that it can be prevented from becoming more severe. The following are 4 symptoms of a person experiencing heart disease:

– Sleep Apnea
If snoring that is experienced is often broken and sometimes it stops breathing, be careful. This sleep apnea disorder shows that the heart works harder so that blood continues to flow throughout the body. Working the heart too hard can increase the risk of high blood pressure to heart failure.

– Skin rash
Very high triglyceride levels can trigger a rash around the fingers and toes. This rash is also associated with the amount of fat in the blood so that it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke as well.

– Bad gripping power
Hand strength will tell you about the strength of your heart. Research shows the ability to squeeze or grasp something related to the risk of heart disease. In this case, the stronger you hold something, the risk of heart disease is also low.

– Dark stains under the nails
there is a speck of blood that appears under the nail, meaning it indicates the possibility of infection in the lining or valve of your heart, called endocarditis. This blood spot can also indicate symptoms of diabetes. People with this condition usually have two to four times more likely to develop heart disease and stroke.

That’s 4 symptoms of a person experiencing heart disease. If you or your relatives experience this, immediately check with your doctor to confirm the disease. The earlier is known, the earlier prevention can also be done.