These are Three Things You Can Do In Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand is indeed one of the most attractive places for tourists visiting the country. There are many interesting things that can be done at this place and can attract the attention of international tourists. One of the activities that many people often do there is pattaya golf. In fact, the place is famous for golfing because of the many people who play golf in that place.

However, besides that, there are many things in Pattaya, Thailand that you can do. The various things referred to here are

1. Playing golf
Pattaya has more than 20 golf courses, which is the perfect place for those of you who have a hobby of this one sport. You can adventure on a new golf course every day. The golf course is also surrounded by amazing tropical landscapes. You can see green trees, mountains, palm trees, and also lakes here. This golf course is designed by professionals, golfers, and renowned field designers, and of course, the fields here are also often used for professional competitions such as the PGA.

2. Enjoy the beach
Pattaya Beach is an ideal place for those of you who want a crowded place where you can play jet skiing, speed boat, or parasailing. There are also many choices of beachside bars for you to visit. This beach is four kilometers long for you to follow. If you want a quieter, more family-friendly place, Jomtien Beach can be the right choice. This six-kilometer beach has clear water. If you like seafood snacks, then you can get them here.

3. Visit a nightclub
If you enjoy the nightlife, then you should visit clubs and bars in Pattaya. The road is very dense and illuminated by lots of neon lights like in Las Vegas! The most famous street for nightlife in Pattaya is Walking Street in the south of Pattaya, which is filled with clubs, bars, discos, live music bars.