Things You Need To Note For Warehouses In A Factory

Every company engaged in manufacturing must have raw materials or raw materials. Of course, because the manufacturing business emphasizes the processing of raw materials into finished goods that are ready for sale. Of course, in practice, after procuring raw materials, not all of the raw materials are immediately processed. Most will even be stored first before it is processed according to the production plan that PPIC has made. Then, as long as the raw material is not planned to be processed, where will the item or item be stored? Yes, you van put your item stored in self storage as raw materials. Not all manufacturing industries use machines to process raw materials into finished goods. Some labor-intensive industries such as lamp factories hardly use machines at all in the production process. But, most factories will use production machines (which are included in the asset category of course) to process raw materials.

All the machines certainly cannot continue to operate. It is just like a car that has to replace with parts for a period of time, the factory engine is the same. Machines such as shuttle, rapier, gangling, press, boilers, forklifts, etc. must require maintenance. And to do the maintenance, a spare part is needed to make sure it can be used for the production process. Every factory that uses a machine, must have prepared spare parts for each production machine even though it is not directly used after buying it. Then, where is the place to store the spare parts? Yes, spare parts warehouse is the answer. To facilitate the recording of goods, companies usually divide the warehouse based on their needs.

For items that do not directly affect the production process, they will usually be set aside. These items are for example medicines, office stationery, non-production assets (fans, telephones, computers, etc.), and many others. Then, where is the place to store these items? Public warehouses will usually be provided and are the responsibility of the general affair department.

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