You Should Know Things About Old Car’s Protection

New cars and old cars have the same risk. That’s why car insurance is still an option. It’s because the risk of accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. That’s why people tend to get the best car warranty for their car. In the midst of the presence of new cars with higher prices, making consumers who want to have a car with a limited budget choose to buy a used car. In addition to the cheaper price, some old cars have the attraction of scarcity of models that are no longer circulating in the market.

If it is common for customers to register a new car with an insurance company it is very easy, and it’s different from a used car. The conditions of various used cars make some insurance companies have difficulty in deciding whether the used car can be borne by the claim or not. Usually, the insurance provides a condition that the car that is covered in a maximum of 9 years old. Determination of a maximum age of 9 years is also not without reason. There are several factors that make this timeframe the threshold for a decent car or not to register insurance claims, especially all risk.

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